December 29, 2009

My Joints Feel It

Oops, I have been neglecting this blog. I've been so preoccupied with knitting all these cowls and being addicted to Ravelry that i just forgot about updating my blog too. Lots of stuff has happened that includes non knitting stuff also. Like right now I'm typing on my brand spanking new iMac. Love this computer to death. My old one was a pc and it was just not up to par. My husband built it but he knows I have a love affair with macs.

There has been a total of 6 cowls finished. I was really wearing myself out with all that speed knitting for two weeks. My thumbs and knuckles were just killing me. I need to learn how to loosen up when I knit, plus it don't help that I hold scissors all day long at work either. Lately I have been taking a break and number 7 has been on my needles for far longer than it should. It's almost done though then i have 2 more left. After those two I don't feel like knitting 3 more for 3 women I hardly see.

On Monday I started to knit my first garment. It is also my first sweater for IntSweMoDo2010. I'm hoping it comes out the right size. I ran into an issue with the yarn weight that I did not notice in time. There was lots of calculations to try to make it fit me...hopefully in the end. I'm not experienced with editing knitting so this might end up badly. i did notice yesterday that others of the same project that were complete had used aran weight yarn and did not mention it not fitting. This is a learning process that is for sure. If this ends up badly then maybe the next will be better.

(Yummy Latte made by me)
I almost forgot to mention that i got an espresso machine. I've been on a roll making lattes everyday and hot chocolates with espresso in them. Love to make these it's so fun.