April 15, 2010

I Admit, I'm a Cheater

I'm thinking about starting new projects all the time. I know it's wrong of me when I have so many projects on my needles. My projects are super fun at the beginning and near the end. Any other time I'm cheating on them with other projects on Ravelry. I get dirty thoughts of casting on a new scarf, or even dirtier thoughts of trying a sweater for a change.

That makes me feel better. It really does take a load off my chest to let it out that I cheat on my knitting behind it's back..often..everyday....more times than I can count.

April 12, 2010

WIP'ing it

The knitting here recently involves a lot of WIP's. I just start things and don't finish them. There was one week where i got done a baby kimono and 2 newborn socks. Of course not for me but they still ended up well. I thought the Kimono turned out cute. The seaming on the first side did not turn out that great. I wasn't too sure what I was doing the first time but by the second side it was much much better. This was my first complete garment. The knitting of the pieces was the fastest and easiest. Seaming is not something I enjoy and might do seamless patterns from now on.

My knitting projects have been going slow. Currently my new obsession is knitting project bags. Just last night I sewed a project bag, that didn't come out cute :(. Besides that I started on a Henry scarf with my Madelinetosh yarn in Fjord colorway. Omg I love the yarn it's so gorgeous and just soft and ugh I want to die. Henry is going slow slow slow. I just got done with 1/7 of it and it's just dragging by. It's still real fun even if it will take me a long time.

Of course lots of yarn purchases too. No matter how much I tell myself to use the yarn I have I just can't resist when I see a skein for sale that is just the perfect color. I never have projects in mind for the yarn I buy. The fun part for me is finding a project for the yarn and not yarn for the project you know?