February 8, 2010

Underestimating Myself...and I like it

I'm still alive and I have still been knitting as non stop as possible. Lately with knitting and doing what I do at work along with being a computer addict I have been having some finger joint pains. Specifically my right thumb which suffered a very minor injury last year from using scissors everyday. It seems the more things I do with my thumb the more it hurts. I've been trying to take it easy with knitting but it's hard. How can you stop or greatly decrease something you love to do. I get so anxious when I can't knit. It's like my  fingers are telling me they NEED to do SOMETHING. My mind too will be screaming at me to stimulate it.

Lately I have noticed that I underestimate my knitting skill. Often when looking at patterns I will fav them on Ravelry but not because I want to knit them but because they look awesome and I will probably never knit them. Also it seems when i knit for others I will knit more complicated things. For some reason when I knit for myself I just don't think I am capable of knitting something that takes a lot of different techniques. This is coming from the girl who's first thing she knitted was a sock. I have knit a sock since them because I fear I can't knit the socks with gorgeous details. A plain sock bring it on but ....not a Cookie A sock OMG.   Now that I recognize what i am doing to myself I need to stop it. Only after i finish knitting my plan ole garter stitch scarf.

By the way i have been on a yarn buying spree. I budget out my paycheck so I can fit in a nice yarn buy every two weeks. I have bought two Plucky Knitter yarns, Yarn from Eat Sleep Knit, and others that i just can't remember right now. I'll update with my yarn buys once i remember to take some photos!