December 4, 2009

Fake Christmas Cheer

Around the holidays I always find it hard to decorate. My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years but have had our house for only one. Because of this I haven't accumulated a lot of stuff yet. Every holiday I'm scrambling on money yet want to decorate. When I stopped at Michaels two days ago I saw they were having 50% off their fake flowers, gardlands, etc.  I purchased  2 small bouquets of fake red poinsettias with a pine sprig a pine cone a silver leafy thing and a berry sprig,, one of these peachy see through bouquets, and a supper glitter red bouquet. As usually I rip them all to pieces and assembled them to my liking.

I have a set for fall, and one for spring, now one for christmas. I'm getting pretty good at arranging them if I do say so myself. After setting up the red ones in the vases behind my couch I still had some of the peachy poinsettias left. Added those left over pieces to the vase on my kitchen table. It added so much more interest that I think I will keep them there even after the holidays are gone.

I'm still knitting on the test cowl. The cowl should be done today if I stop letting the internet distract me. Still waiting for my Knit Picks order so I can knit the Christmas Cowls for presents. Online tracking says it will be here on tuesday but it left Houston last night. I think it will get here today or Saturday, at least I hope it does.

Off to knit or goof off more.