December 8, 2009

1 FO, and 11 Presents To Go

I finished a knitting project! This was made for me and I love it. I wish I had made it longer but I still have plenty of yarn left to make another one. The Winter Lace Cowl was a test knit and the pattern is great. I used Nashua Handknits yarn Ivy in the color camel. The yarn is super soft and has some tinsel or something it is so it sparkles.

(Betty's Cowl, the beginning)

There is one finished Christmas Cowl. Jean's cowl is finished and is currently blocking. I do have a photo of it being blocked but I'll wait to post the finished product. The cowl came out great and I'm so proud of it. I loved the pattern I used off ravelry which was Peach Petal Cowl. The color of the yarn is gorgeous but I always love blues. I might have to make one of those for myself. Knitting it went by fast, it would have been faster if I wasn't watching TV for half of it. Betty's Cowl is taking me forever and both of my hands are locking up from holding the smaller needles and doing k3tog. K3tog are the devil I tell you! I wish there was a way for me to change them to k2tog and make the pattern come out the same. Also for Betty's cowl I'm doing it on smaller needles and makes it feel like it's taking AGES. By the way I'm using the Burnished Leaves Cowl pattern. I messed up when I started and didn not do garter but stockinette stitch..I don't want to torment myself and start over.

I'm off to knit that cowl now before hubby gets home and I have to start cleaning.