January 19, 2010

Underneath the Moonlight the Moonlight!

(Under the Moonlight Scarf -ravelry link)
I started and finished some knitting last week. There was a Stitch and Bitch meetup at my place on a Sunday. It went well but teaching other girls how to knit was far more difficult then i had anticipated. It was not my intention to have to teach all the girls how to knit. There was one that knew a bit but not enough to help others. There was some teaching of crochet by other girls. I had purchased some yarn at Hobby Lobby in case there were girls who didn't bring any yarn with them for any reason. Everyone bough yarn so I used the Caron Simply Soft Shadows as a demonstration. I really loved the color of the yarn so kept on knitting this simple scarf. It's short but I still love it. So soft and the colors and just my style. I'm really tempted to knit another one that is longer and in a loop. Yums. Just thought I would share one of my projects. The rest of my knitting projects are in limbo land. I would like to keep on knitting but i'm having trouble with my thumb/right hand. The things I constantly do everyday repeatedly is beating up my hand. Keyboard, mouse, propagation plants, using scissors, knitting...it's all taking a toll on me. I wish I could give my hand a break but there just isn't any way of doing that.